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This page contains some electronic circuits, programs, links and related information about interesting devices to interface PCs with the world outside. This includes a sound digitizer, a PC-smart card interface, a magnetic stripe reader/writer, a bar code reader and a PC-PC link via COM port without cables. Some of the designs are of my own and some others aren't, but they have some common features: they are cheap and easy to do, with no expensive or difficult-to-get parts. By now you can find information about:

If you think that you have relevant information about any of these subjects, e-mail me. I will include the information or a link to it in my pages.

And remember, there are other interesting things in the life...

E-mail: padilla at domain "gae ucm es" (my PGP/GPG public key)
First version: 25-Jul-1996, last update: 23-Apr-2005
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