PULSAR Physics
Priceton Pulsar Group
The leaflet on pulsars from the Royal Greenwich Observatory.
A Tutorial on Radio Pulsars.
Pulsar radio catalogs
Taylor's catalog
The Taylor catalog contains all the known radio-pulsars (and a some more added later) recompiled by Taylor in his article:

J. Taylor, R. Manchester, and A. Lyne 1993, "Catalog of 558 Pulsars", ApJS. 88 529

This article was the germen of the first pulsar catalog, since the authors decided to made available the catalog as an ASCII file with an additional program serving as an interface, at "ftp pulsar.princeton.edu" in a tar file "psrcat.tar.Z". This tar contains the ascii catalog file "ascat1.dat" along with the program call "pulsar" serving as interface for the catalog.

This originally 558 pulsar catalog was keep upto-date during some time, adding new pulsars, up to 706 pulsars.

ATNF Pulsar catalog
Substitute of the Taylor catalog. This catalog includes all published rotation-powered pulsars, maintaining upto-date the catalog looking in the ADS all papers announcing the discovery of pulsars or giving improved parameters for them.
Old Princeton catalog (CGRO catalog)
The pulsar catalog "psrtime.dat" compiled by the EGRET team
Jodrel Bank Crab ephemeris
Monthly Crab ephemeris file "all.gro"
The European Pulsar Network Data Archive
The USNO Pulsar Data Archive
Pulsar groups
ATNF pulsar group
Princeton pulsar group
MPIfR Pulsar Group
Jodrell Bank pulsar group
Italian pulsar group (Cagliari)

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